Clinton Tyler Patterson

The Future of Civilization

3 min read

It is a conception of the design of the future of civilization that it represent self-similarity, in the method of a fractal function. Is this method, each culture presents in its own respect its contribution to a global view of a self-sustaining life of all plants and animals on the Earth. We each find a part of our truths in the part of the whole plan. And each of these cultures in turn, they have their paths of variety within them. It is the job of each of these cultures not to preach its path as what to do, but rather to walk the face of the Earth in that path. That is, our cultural roots, our heritage, or our chosen path on Earth of relevance to our cultural myth, it is our job to walk that as our path, as part of a self-sustaining future as a whole. We start now.

As an example of a cultural myth at work, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Judeo-Christian God, he walked the Earth as a pennyless political radical with total freedom. He did His work feeding the poor, healing the sick, and preaching His path to the Earth's people, sharing His Good News. These days, Jesus' message is sufficiently democratized that we no longer need to preach his path upon the Earth. It is readily available for all to see, if they search. Rather, it is our path as a cultural ideal to achieve singularity with, that as a people, as a whole, as a culture as a self-sustaining part of a self-sustaining whole, we walk the Earth doing the good work with the Son of God has done. We feed the hungry, we heal the sick, we give rest to the weary.

I propose that we do this for all the plants and animals of the Earth, not just of our own kind. That is, we generate a civil rights revolution, starting right here in the Southeastern United States, for a sustainable view of humanity in interaction with each of the creatures of the Earth, fully liberated from us, that they be given freedom to reproduce upon the Earth. We do not control their paths, but we control their future through the work of culture. Culture, it is something which happens as upbringing. I propose we share the technology that we use to raise our youth with the other plants and animals on Earth, that we generate the Bible's version of Heaven on Earth, of the lion laying with the lamb, yt the cultural upbringing of the lion upon the Earth, in the same manner as the dog, with whom we have given our cultural technology to make it not kill the bunny, if we so choose to direct it. We direct it with treats.

I very much doubt that you totally agree with what I have just proposed here. This is fine. For, you see, you find in your path a part of my path as your truth, and I in turn find in your path a part of my path, as my truth. This is the nature of the self-similarity of our paths, with how we share with each other our cultural technology to create the common good, a self-sustaining future of civilization, upon the Earth. Let us start now.